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#5.2 - 21.04.2015

#5.2 The 10 commandments of safe programming

Lecturer: Wojciech Dworakowski

OWASP Top 10 is a list of the most common security errors in applications. During the lecture, Wojtek briefly presented the OWASP Top 10 in the programmer’s edition “Top 10 Proactive Controls”, i.e. the most important recommendations to avoid key security errors.

Wojciech Dworakowski

Business partner in SecuRing, a company dealing with application security testing and advisory. Security consultant with 20+ years of experience in the field. Member of Crisis Management Board during national elections in Poland (2006-2008). Active lecturer and speaker at more than 30 security conferences. OWASP Poland Chapter Leader (2011-2017), member of ISSA Poland.