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#58.1 - 10.12.2019

#58.1 Artificial intelligence in applications, i.e. how to easily add AI to your solutions

Lecturer: Michał Jankowski

Have you ever thought about extending your application with functionalities related to AI? Currently, it can be done very simply. During the lecture, we will learn about Azure Cognitive Services. We will learn about its most important functionalities, including image, voice, handwriting and even people recognition. I will try to convince you that a small change in the way of thinking is enough to be able to easily use the predefined functionalities. I will also demonstrate how to add them to the application.

Michał Jankowski

An architect, programmer, designer, team leader, and a free trainer. He began his programming adventure more than twenty years ago with Basic and Assembler for 8-bit computers. For over ten years, it has been involved in the development of .NET platform software for the world's largest companies. During this time he participated in the development of desktop, mobile and web applications, playing various roles. Currently specializes in cloud solutions - Microsoft Azure, in particular, those related to the Serverless trend. Privately a lover of travel and photography. In his free time, he runs the blog, the creator of open-source solutions and mobile applications.

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