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#59.1 - 23.01.2020

#59.1 Examples, properties, mutations, i.e. unit tests on grazing

Lecturer: Bartek Kuczyński

Each of us writes unit tests (as the metrics are red). Each of us uses TDD (Hard, We Continue). Everyone would like to somehow simplify this process so as not to waste time on “unimportant things”. To achieve this, you should reach deeper into the tool bag. During the lecture, I will talk about different approaches to unit tests. About how to use tools to improve work. And about the fact that TDD is not a perfect solution, but we don’t have better yet.

Bartek Kuczyński

Programmer, an architect from time to time, standard nerd and beard owner. Professionally involved in software corruption at various financial institutions for 15 years. He currently mixes elixirs and teaches black magic (read JPA).