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#71 - 06.10.2021

#71 Soft skills for Storming Trooper

Lecturer: Sławomir Sobótka

It was supposed to be beautiful… We used a few hundred sticky notes, we took a picture / screenshot of them and posted them on twitter and linkedin, we gave each other high five but after a year, our microservices and lambdas ended up in bolognese sauce…

What went wrong? How could we overlook Single Source of Truth again, and post a dozen Single Points of Failure? 

The most difficult skills in programming are soft skills.

During the presentation you will learn:
– how to ask questions that do not suggest an answer
– how to formulate typical technical questions so that they address business problems
– how to adapt your interface to the interface of a person with a completely different history of education
– how to recognize the cognitive preferences of interlocutors and adjust to them

Sławomir Sobótka

Sławomir is the owner of a training and consulting company, Bottega IT Minds, associating 60 technical experts. During 17 years of work in the IT industry, he was a programmer, architect, team leader, mentor, and trainer. On a daily basis, he integrates Domain-Driven Design, patterns, and styles of architectural, agile manufacturing processes and common sense. He applies the overarching principle: recognize the problem class and select the appropriate tool class for it.