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Talk4Devs (before „j-labs IT Academy”) took place for the first time in 2014 as a space for sharing knowledge in the IT industry. Initially, these were meetings addressed to students, but over time specialists who wanted to broaden their knowledge and share it with others began to come to them as well. 

Currently, after 60 editions, the Talk4Devs is a unique meeting on the IT events map. It is associated with qualified speakers, inspiring talks and hungry for knowledge engineers. 

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with inspiring talks


webinars during the season


participants yearly


stream from each meeting


The meetings are related to trends in the main areas of programming, function languages, microservices, machine learning, databases and many others.


Speakers are professionals and practitioners in their chosen fields. Often speakers of national and international conferences.


Talk4Devs is addressed to all those interested in expanding their knowledge within the scope of given IT disciplines.

Various topics

Speakers with experience

Free, regular meetings


We decided to share our knowledge with the IT industry, that's why in December 2014 we established cooperation with the Jagiellonian University and conducted the first lecture as part of the j-labs IT Academy. Initially - addressed to students, with each subsequent meeting the proportions began to change. First of all, specialists who wanted to broaden their knowledge in a given technology began to come to the j-labs IT Academy. In 2019, we refreshed the meeting formula, we have changed the name. Today Talk4Devs is a prestigious IT event attended by over 1,000 people a year - on-site and during live streams. 
What attracts them? Substantive topics, speakers - practitioners often with many years of experience - including the most known programmers in Polan and in the world. We move within technological content, sometimes combining it with business themes. 

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