Cracow, 15.10 | Tue

#56 Talk4Devs | Native Cloud Native with Java, Quarkus and MicroProfile | Pyramid of Refactoring

Michał Szynkiewicz - Native Cloud Native with Java, Quarkus and MicroProfile (PL) 

Quarkus is a new full-stack framework for Java, designed for productivity and efficiency. Instant reload, hotspot and native execution, vastly reduced start time and memory usage, and all that with a set of libraries you already know, such as Hibernate, RestEasy, Vert.x or MicroProfile. This talk will describe and demo Quarkus with emphasis on cloud-native capabilities brought by Eclipse MicroProfile.

Włodek Krakowski - Pyramid of Refactoring (PL)

Everyone has heard about test pyramid… and refactoring pyramid is its twin. Using Pyramid of testing we can set up the tests coverage of the existing functionality reaching given level (UI, modules, packages, classes, methods). This allows us to have a look at corresponding pyramid of refactoring and figure out what kind of refactorings can be performed safely. We start from the bottom of refactoring pyramid (simpler conditions, smaller methods) and climb up towards the highest level that is covered by tests. This concept will be presented using live refactoring of simple logic into interpreter design patterns. This way we will experience that refactoring at higher levels (design patterns, classes) can be continued only once lower levels like small methods, small classes, interfaces are being taken care of.

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Michał Szynkiewicz

Senior Software Engineer at Red Hat, Eclipse MicroProfile Committer Java developer with 10 years of experience in creating back-ends. Currently working mostly on implementing MicroProfile specifications and on Quarkus.

Włodek Krakowski

Włodek Krakowski is an independent technical trainer ( cooperating with Bottega IT Minds. Sometimes also a programmer - especially during his refactoring training and during their preparation. He is mainly interested in issues related to how to provide high-quality software. It consists of many factors, such as how developers care about the quality of the code, how people work together to provide business value to the client, how people/company are managed. Ultimately, how they work together to grow together in their skills and learn from each other.