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#57 Talk4Devs | 8ms/99th write percentile latency - is it fast? Understanding the importance of "SRE implements devops" | Developer - develop yourself!


Maciej Lasyk - 8ms/99th write percentile latency - is it fast? Understanding the importance of "SRE implements devops" (PL)

This presentation explains what is SRE & CRE and how we worked on the reliability of our Cassandra clusters. The most important part here (besides that this is a case study) is that this talk gives a solid answer to "what it means that service/product is reliable enough?" in #noops world.

Bartek Zdanowski - Developer - develop yourself! (PL)

A presentation about things you can do as a developer to keep growing. It will be about workshops, hackathons, code review, writing blogs, attending conferences and sharing knowledge. All this is for learning new things, experimenting, improving and having fun. Without this, we will have only daily work, which can be very arduous, in unattractive technologies. I will support everything with practical advice on how to do it because we use most of them at work and I have a lot of thoughts about it.

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Maciej Lasyk

Maciek is Cloud Operations (aka Cloud Acrobat) at Codewise. He's also open source contributor, enthusiast, and evangelist supporting OWASP, Fedora Linux distro and a couple of containerization projects. Maciej believes in chaos engineering and automation - preferably achieved in a most pythonic way. He's a true Linux nerd and a Gopher. You can catch him on Twitter @docent_net and also see his work on github/@docent-net and his personal blog/ Besides Maciek runs sports blog and podcast/"

Bartek Zdanowski

Bartek has been professionally involved in software development since 2004. Has been using Java since 2006. He currently works at TouK. In its work, it focuses on clean and testable code, and also cares for good relationships in the team and with the client. Since 2009, he co-creates the largest free Java conference - Confitura. When he has something interesting to say, he appears at conferences in Poland and abroad. StickersCraft Creator. Member of the Program Committee of the Devoxx PL Conference. Privately, he likes playing indoor football, soldering something and playing RC models.