Kraków, 17.04

Datalog: Zero to Hero

Datalog is a declarative logic programming language, which has in recent years found new uses as a graph query language in server and client applications. This talk introduces Datalog from its primitives and builds a mental model of how complicated queries can be resolved using simple data structures. This, in turn, will help you understand when and how you should apply Datalog in practice: on the client, on the server, as a graph database, as a communication protocol ala GraphQL/Falcor, or as an event-sourcing storage mechanism.

Wydarzenie realizujemy przy współpracy z Katedrą Informatyki na wydziale Informatyki, Elektroniki i Telekomunikacji AGH.


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Norbert Wójtowicz

is a recovering empty-stack developer, whose magic 8-ball predicts that Clojure and ClojureScript will be in your future toolbox. You can find his code and ramblings in various corners of the internet, under the felicitous handle @pithyless.