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#10.2 - 12.01.2016

#10.2 Taming the cloud: AWS programming with cli, boto and Ansible

Lecturer: Maciej Lasyk

This technical presentation outlined the working methods with IaaS, which is probably the most popular. Maciek showed how it is possible to almost completely forget about the WWW console in AWS and do the lion’s share of the work in a terminal or IDE. It featured Bash and ZSH integration with an AWS shell, a dash of Python, a presentation on how to use Ansible based orchestration and a discussion on own automation methods.

Maciej Lasyk

Cloud Acrobat @Codewise. Open source contributor, enthusiast and evangelist supporting projects like OWASP and Fedora. Maciej believes in chaos engineering and automation. He’s devoted father and husband as well as multi - sport athlete. You can catch him on Twitter and also see his work on Github and his personal blogs.