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#9 - 15.12.2015

#9 GNU/Linux primer for a busy developer. It’s not always the app’s fault

Lecturer: Tomasz Borek

What can be done to fix the JVM problem on the GNU / Linux operating system, assuming we are installing nothing (or almost nothing)? During the lecture, Tomek focused more on the system than on the network.

The subject of the discussion was:

  • Tools supplied with JDK
  • Tools available for free – both GNU / Linux and delivered as JDK components
  • Tools that allow you to observe the system rather than typical profilers.

In particular, he talked about the processes started by the JVM and their identification via PID. He also showed how to correlate operating system threads with threads iniciated by JVM, he will show how to monitor USE resource consumption (Usage, Saturations and Errors) for CPU, memory, swap and IO devices.

Tomasz Borek

A speaker known amongst Java fans (featured in conferences such as GeeCON or JDD).