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#13 - 15.03.2016

#13 The working environment in a few lines – or Ansible and Docker for a programmer

Lecturer: Łukasz Proszek

A lecture which talked about how to set up a local working environment quickly and at low cost, where you’ll be able to test your own code. Marcin describes the presentation as a lecture “thanks to which you and your admin will be happy! You, as it will mark an end to your constant questions about how to configure an applications server or a database – it will be done automatically for you, and your admin, as right from the outset you’ll be delivering code tested in conditions more like those encountered in production”.

Łukasz Proszek

Administrator / DevOps at Lumesse. Every day he tries to automate everything what is possible, and sometimes what is impossible. Python and Ansible evangelist. Regularly struggling with heterogeneous environments.

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