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#14 - 26.04.2016

#14 How not to get lost amongst the myriad of tools claiming to help in programming mobile apps (iOS/ Android)

Lecturer: Marcin Wąsowski

Currently the mobile apps market to a large extent is split between two platforms: iOS and Android. Each comes with its own SDK, good practices and is based on given programming languages. Despite that, tools and platforms keep appearing, which make it possible to develop application using languages which originally had nothing to do with iOS or Android.

The presentations sought answers to the following questions:

  • how to begin your mobile app development adventure: what are today’s options?
  • what are the limitations of different platforms?
  • “one codebase” – a single code for all platforms, does that make sense?

Marcin Wąsowski

Programmer with a dozen or so years of experience in web and mobile technologies. In the past he spent a few years working with the .NET platform and a webdeveloper (LAMP) even before that. Recently most of his attention is devoted to mobile platforms, both iOS as well as Android. Currently participates in the running of re:factory as a technical leader.