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#15 - 17.05.2016

#15 AWS cloud autoscaling

Lecturer: Michał Dec

ractically every person developing IT solutions, regardless of the technology, is familiar with the concept of scalability. Created apps not only have to work efficiently, but also have to cater for major load fluctuations. One of the main cloud computing solution advantages is the ability to scale resources quickly and at a low cost. As part of the lecture, Michał will present tools and solutions for autoscaling computational resources (EC2 servers) offered by Amazon Web Services.

Michał Dec

An experienced tester and programmer. Passionate about cloud computing solutions. Organised a series of Amazon Web Services platform user meetings in Kraków, speaker at conferences and events dedicated to programming quality and cloud technologies (TestWell, KraKQ, Cloudyna 2015). He has been building his Amazon Web Services knowledge for three years, looking after the quality and infrastructure of a system which aggregates information on hundreds of millions of transactions every day.