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#22 - 06.12.2016

#22 Why is worth to learn Haskell?

Lecturer: Adam Szlachta

Haskell is a statically typed functional language. For two decades it attemps to maintain his status of academic language but in recent years is more often used productively.
Althought is difficult to suspect that it is going to be a mainstream programming language, is worth to learn it. It open eyes to world of functional programmming.
During the prelection the author will try to show which elements of programming in Haskell are so important for the development of generaln programming skills.

Adam Szlachta

"An enthusiast of functional programming, particularity in statically typed languages. In his professional career he used languages such as Haskell, Scala, Java, Python, JavaScript, C++, C# and others. He is reading for a doctoral degree at Kraków’s University of Science and Technology (AGH). Apart from programming his interests lie in creating music, photography and philosophy. He is a fan of Japanese chess."