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#31 - 20.04.2017

#31 Agent Byte Buddy

Lecturer: Marek Lesiewski

At some moment in learning about frameworks and libraries, most of us start to wonder, “How is it done?” Very often it leads us to a better understanding: the tool itself, but also the domain of the problem that solves it. In the Java world, one of the “pick” in frameworks is ByteBuddy – a popular library for generating code. Another, though less commonly known are the Java agents.

The aim of the presentation is to interest the participants in this subject and to show, how easy it is to write an agent with ByteBuddy.

Marek Lesiewski

I am interested in programming from the beginning of high school. And so it is. I am a fan of static and strong typing, testing and pure code. Professionally I write "Enterprise" systems in Java and JavaScript. I'm a husband a dad. I'm glad to learn new things and I strongly believe we can not stop learning. I drink a lot of coffee.