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#32 - 16.05.2017

#32 The Wix Microservice Stack

Lecturer: Tomer Gabel

While microservices are conceptually simple, it’s a deep rabbit hole to go down. Deceptively simple questions can have far-reaching implications: Which communication protocol should I choose? Is event-driven the way to go? What monitoring tools should I put in place?

In this talk we’ll cover some of the fundamental questions, outline the solutions adopted or developed by Wix, and share our hindsight on what worked well for us, what didn’t and thoughts on future directions for our stack.

Tomer Gabel

A programming junkie and computer history aficionado, Tomer's been around the block a few times before settling at Wix as a system architect. In the last few of years he's developed a major crush on Scala, promoting it within the Israeli software industry as part of Java.IL (Israeli Java user group) and Underscore (Israeli Scala user group) and organizing the annual Scalapeño conference in Tel-Aviv.