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#35 - 08.06.2017

#35 Amazon Web Services – what is worth to know?

Lecturer: Michał Zaborowski

Another talk about the cloud? Will anyone buy it yet?

By observing discussion forums, lectures at conferences, webinars – everyone should find something for themselves. But are you sure?

Some of the existing presentations assume that you need to convince someone to switch to the cloud. Part discusses the advanced aspects of using a particular vendor solution.
It is hard to find a presentation that will show the developer how to implement a small solution, what questions to ask and possible answers.

During the presentation, you will see the process of building a production environment in the cloud, based on an example application created in Java.

Here are some questions that the speaker will try to answer as a comprehensive answer:
Is the cloud an optimal solution? Which cloud to choose? If AWS is, what are the options? What to consider not to overpay?

Michał Zaborowski