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#41 - 16.01.2018

#41 Programmer 2.0

Lecturer: Vladimir Alekseichenko

Did you know that the 4th industrial revolution is approaching? Do you think that the talks about taking overwork by robots only concern other professions and the programmer will still be very needed? This is partially true, but on the other hand – for the next 5-10 years there are really big changes ahead. Therefore, if you want to prepare for them, I recommend checking who the 2.0 developer will be.

It turns out that learning machine learning can be an interesting adventure (oh, and doing a Ph.D. is optional).

I will show you how to do interesting and valuable things with relatively little effort. The purpose of the presentation is to inspire and break the barriers to the complexity of the subject of machine learning. If you can program, you can do it here too!

Vladimir Alekseichenko

Vladimir likes traveling (he has visited around 30 countries) ... also in the IT world. He started programming over 10 years ago and has worked in various fields of computer science (with different technologies). For the last 4 years, he has been dealing with data-related topics such as machine learning and data science. He was involved in building infrastructure for search engines (TB data). He prepared ETL (based on the Hadoop / Kafka / Storm stack), made sales forecasts, and much more. He is a trainer at where he explains how to use machine learning in life without theoretical complications and intricate patterns. Runs a podcast about artificial intelligence - Participates in Kaggle competitions. She loves data and challenges.