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#40 - 07.12.2017

#40 Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Fundamentals

Lecturer: Tomasz Kurowski

What are cryptocurrencies? Where did they come from? Where does their value come from and is their use safe? What is the Blockchain technology behind them and why is it a revolution in the world of IT and finance? – Despite the growing popularity, cryptocurrencies and distributed ledger systems remain a mystery for many.

The subject of the lecture is to familiarize students with the subject of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology behind them. Participants will hear the history of the blockchain system and the first cryptocurrency – Bitcoin, learn about the economic and ideological assumptions of the project, the circumstances of its implementation, basic technical aspects, practical examples of the use of this technology, the main hopes, and risks associated with it, as well as the legal and tax framework for its operation. Above all, however, the lecture will dispel all the myths that have arisen around the subject of cryptocurrencies, and at the same time will signal the real threats associated with it.

During the presentation, with the active participation of the audience, the use of cryptocurrency for payment purposes will be demonstrated in practice.

Tomasz Kurowski

New Technologies Analyst in the Financial Sector at Metrosoft with many years of experience in the investment banking industry (State Street and Brown Brothers Harriman). Member of the P2P.Systems technology group, co-organizer, and co-founder of Krakow blockchain meetings under the name Crypto @ Cracow. Participant of the "Stream Blockchain / DLT and Digital Currencies" project at the Ministry of Digital Affairs. Popularizer of blockchain technology and other registers dispersed in finance and administration. He is actively involved in the promotion of blockchain issues both at industry meetings, workshops, conferences as a speaker, and in the pages of the FXMAG capital markets magazine. Holder of the Bloomberg Market Concepts certificate awarded by Bloomberg L.P. Privately, he is a huge lover of economics (especially topics related to global capital markets).

Wojciech Kwiatek

Co-founder of Crypto @ Cracow, participant and organizer of industry events related to blockchain technology. Blockchain specialist, programmer and consultant in the finance, databases and crypt / blockchain industries. Active participant in the cryptocurrency market since 2011.