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#53 - 09.04.2019

#53 More about Linux containers security

Lecturer: Maciej Lasyk

Maciej will describe in details security considerations about various Linux containers projects (especially Docker, Podman/CRI-O/Kubernetes and systemd related).
You will understand what are the most non – secure ways of running Docker containers, and how to fix those, a drop – in replacement project for Docker (called Podman) that is already on the market and replacing Docker-engine in RedHat/Google Kubernetes project (Cri-o / Podman) Last, but not least – how not to use any Linux containers when all you need is just a simple separation of some resources over a Linux process (e.g. different storage view or specific users view or networking confinement).

Maciej Lasyk

Cloud Acrobat @Codewise. Open source contributor, enthusiast and evangelist supporting projects like OWASP and Fedora. Maciej believes in chaos engineering and automation. He’s devoted father and husband as well as multi - sport athlete. You can catch him on Twitter and also see his work on Github and his personal blogs.