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#52 - 19.03.2019

#52 Google Assistant & Alexa – Voice assistants: opportunities, similarities, differences

Lecturer: Artur Skowroński

Voice Assistants have gained immense popularity. Alexa took the showroom by storm, selling 10 million in the last quarter of the previous year alone. Google has recently been supporting the Polish language. This is the best time to teach your product to speak and hit not only the web browser or telephone, but also your customers’ salon. As part of the presentation, you will learn how to get started, we will talk about the differences between UX voice solutions and applications for devices with a screen, what blocks consist of the basic “actions” (because this is how applications for speakers are called), and how to enclose it with additional possibilities. We will compare Google and Amazon ecosystems – how do they differ from each other? Which gives more options to developers?

Artur Skowroński

A developer with a heart torn between JVM (overall) and modern JavaScript - but with more mature marriage plans related to the first platform. Nature regularly asks him to test technological innovations, even if sometimes for this reason (fortunately usually in the privacy of his home) projects explode in his face as a result of the abuse of putty and duct tape - but he usually learns from this, which he can somehow share with the community. Currently a member of the VirtusLab team implementing projects for Tesco Technology. Part of the Dynamic Duo, the better half of which is a plush seal (ᵔᴥᵔ).