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#51 - 21.02.2019

#51 Consumer Driven Contracts as TDD on API level

Lecturer: Marcin Grzejszczak

Consumer Driven Contracts (CDC) are like TDD on API level. This approach is extremely important in the world of microservices. Due to the fact that it is driven by API consumers, the produced API is definitely more user-friendly.

At many conferences, you can learn that everyone makes microservices and does them perfectly. Rarely is mentioned about testing them (who needs testing, right?). Later, when it comes to production implementations, it turns out that end to end testing lasts 10 hours each and explodes on the last test due to a typo in the API.

During the lecture, we will write an application using the CDC approach. You will see how easy it is to write a consumer driven API and what the full contract testing process looks like. We will use tools such as Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, Spring Cloud Contract, Jenkins, Gitlab and Artifactory.

Marcin Grzejszczak

He can be called not only a programmer but also an author. Father of Mockito Instant and Mockito Cookbook. Creator of the Hands-On Guide to Spring Cloud Contract course and co-creator of the Applied Continuous Delivery Live Lessons course. Leaders of Spring Cloud Sleuth, Spring Cloud Contract, and Cloud Pipelines projects at VMware. Co-founder of the Warsaw Groovy User Group, Warsaw Cloud Native Meetup, and the DiverseIT initiative.