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#60.1 - 17.03.2020

#60.1 Data Science @ PMI

Lecturer: Michał Dyrda

Data Science is not a one-man show. It is a team effort that requires every team member to master the tools of the trade. This is extremely important for effectively putting data science to work in a global organization. We introduced the best practices to start, develop and ship data science products, which are currently in use by 30+ data scientists across three different locations, where data science labs of PMI were established in 2017. 
We inherited the technologies (e.g. Kubernetes, Docker, Jenkins) and methods (CI/CD with GitFlow) from software engineering, which are helping us in creating data science products starting from the business requirement, through proof of concept up to the industrialization phase. Uses cases which we are developing provides transparency and reproducible in each state of development. 

Michał Dyrda

Ph.D. in astrophysics. More than 12 years of experience working in data science. Started my data journey working with data from different astrophysical experiments. Then working with different business and engineering teams in order to provide new insights. Experienced in designing and implementing complex software systems for various international projects, including big data analysis projects.At the moment Data Science Best Practice Team Lead @PMI & Senior Enterprise Data Scientist in Cracow Poland working on a daily basis on technology in order to increase the business value provided by the Data Science team. Putting a lot of effort into pushing data science solutions into production and to reduce time to market for data products. Addicted to long-distance runs together with my dog.