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#68 - 28.04.2021

#68 Architecture and Architect AD 2021

Lecturer: Jakub Kubryński

We often hear that nothing new has been invented in IT since the 1970s. And we must admit that nowadays solutions are very often based on well-known concepts. We can, however, ask whether the same state of affairs also applies to the way architects work and how we understand what software architecture is. We will focus on answering those questions during the presentation. Also, we will talk about the architect’s role in agile and how architecture faces the ubiquitous variability of requirements.

Jakub Kubryński

"He has been passionate about programming for almost 30 years. He started as a child, implementing in Fortran 77 simple programs to help him in his lessons - such as addition with carryover ;) Over 16 years ago his passion turned into a profession with which he is still involved. Initially as a programmer, then designer, architect, team leader, and manager, up to a trainer, consultant, and entrepreneur developing own company and product.For years he is focusing on the distributed systems architecture and tuning of software development processes, trying to do everything more efficiently and effectively. He supports people with strategic consulting and IT processes audits."