Cracow, November 2017

.NET Core - an open platform

Over a year ago, Microsoft has released a fully open and portable .NET Core framework, where you can create full-fledged applications in languages such as C # or F #, which run on virtually any operating system. Open source, cross-platform, CLI, GitHub, Linux, Mac, Windows, Microsoft - all these concepts have a common denominator, and it's .NET Core.

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Piotr Gankiewicz

Piotr has over 7 years of experience as software engineer and architect but is also interested in topics such as DevOps. He is a co-founder of the Noordwind teal organization and is a full stack developer working mainly with C#, .NET, .NET Core and JavaScript technologies. He’s also a big fan of DDD, CQRS, RESTful APIs and distributed systems using microservices pattern. Piotr is a known member of the Polish .NET community and is on a mission of delivering the best content possible in terms of free and open software as well as programming courses. On top of that, he’s an active open source contributor, consultant, blogger, public speaker, mentor, lecturer and co-organizer of “.NET Core Tour.” In a spare time, he enjoys lifting weights, running and riding a motorcycle.