Warsaw, 13.12

Subjective frontend review

A new day, a new framework ". Have you heard about it? Mateusz is one of the front-end trackers and wants to share his observations with you. Find something for yourself in Mateusz's speech Why React wins over Angular What is AngularJS and how does it relate to Angular? What is Vue? Are there any other players worth your attention? jQuery? What are the trends and what may be the future of the front-end? You can find answers to these and other questions in Mateusz's lecture.

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Mateusz Chrzonstowski

Programmer, trainer and IT designer. Initially focused on the front-end, recent years in the field of systems integration, but in fact a full-stack developer. Additionally, a trainer in one of the programming schools. So far, he has performed at fairs and conferences: Confitura, Codepot, Warsaw IT Days, Lublin Startup Festival. In addition to programming, he is also passionate about MMA, Dragon Ball and strategies of big companies.