Cracow, 15.01

Kubernetes without secrets

4,787,458 – this is the number of lines in the Kubernetes repository on Github at the time of writing. Quite a lot for a simple tool that can run a container - for example, I do it with one line. Exactly - is it really that simple? During this lecture, you will learn what Kubernetes components are made of, what it is like with this network, what the HA cluster in the cloud looks like, what about security, and what all this is for. If you are unfamiliar with Kubernetes, this will be a great opportunity for you to get acquainted with this increasingly popular tool, so eagerly supported by good Uncle Google.

Watch the video:


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Jakub Bujny

Once a programmer, today DevOps, exactly fitting the gap created at the intersection of development and administration. A graduate of the Silesian University of Technology, a fan of open source solutions, a supporter of JVM (Java, Groovy, Scala) who has recently been looking at functional languages (Clojure) and also uses Python in the professional world. He is fascinated with IT development from the point of view of scalability and integration in the cloud (AWS), especially in the case of distributed systems and microservice architecture. Fan Linux and Infrastructure as code (Terraform / Ansible).