Cracow, October 2016

Topic 1: React – the first steps.
Topic 2: User Experience in the MVP creation process

Subject 1: React – the first steps.

In recent months React has become a trendy phrase. What is it, really? What is it not and why does it warrant interest? In Rafał’s own words: “React itself is nothing major, but the difficulties usually start with Redux”. He will elaborate on the “difficulties” which we encounter when developing an app during the “React – the first steps” lecture.

Subject 2: User Experience in the MVP creation process

What is MVP and what is it most definitely not? How to tackle processes in MVP creation? What is the UX Designer’s role in MVP creation?. How should a team function and what should it deliver? 5 good practices for creating an MVP in a corporation and a startup.




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Rafał Liwerski

Javascript dev when not playing Magic: the Gathering.

Michał Krztoń

Ponad 5 letni staż w tworzeniu przyjaznych doświadczeń dla użytkowników. Obecnie Senior UX Designer w ABB, po pracy freelancer i motocyklista. Uwielbia podróżować: samochodem, samolotem i motocyklem.