Warszawa, 09.04

More about Linux containers security

Maciej will describe in details security considerations about various Linux containers projects (especially Docker, Podman/CRI-O/Kubernetes and systemd related).
You will understand what are the most non - secure ways of running Docker containers, and how to fix those, a drop - in replacement project for Docker (called Podman) that is already on the market and replacing Docker-engine in RedHat/Google Kubernetes project (Cri-o / Podman) Last, but not least - how not to use any Linux containers when all you need is just a simple separation of some resources over a Linux process (e.g. different storage view or specific users view or networking confinement).


Maciej Lasyk

Maciek is Cloud Operations (aka Cloud Acrobat) at Codewise. He's also open source contributor, enthusiast and evangelist supporting OWASP, Fedora Linux distro and a couple of containerization projects. Maciej believes in chaos engineering and automation - preferably achieved in a most pythonic way. He's a true Linux nerd and a Gopher. You can catch him on Twitter @docent_net and also see his work on github/@docent-net and his personal blog/maciej.lasyk.info. Besides Maciek runs sport blog and podcast/dlugodystansowy.pl"