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#17 - 18.10.2016

#17 Refactoring – just do it!

Lecturer: Sebastian Malaca

When app code becomes complex and complicated, when the project has been going on for a number of years and it is still expanding, despite the fact that some of its authors have left the company a long time ago… then you might start feeling the cold breath of refactoring on the back of your neck.

But you don’t have to! Techniques and methods will be presented during the “Refactoring – just do it!”, which will help you to refactor the code and leave it in a better shape than when you came across it for the first time.

Sebastian Malaca

Sebastian is an experienced programmer specializing in object-related designing and programming as well as techniques and practices helping to develop high quality code. He is interested in object-oriented programming, software engineering and the agile approach to software production. He was a speaker at numerous conferences, (e.g. JDD, GeeCon, Confitura, Devoxx), he is a blogger and one of the authors who posts to blogs devoted to programming (DZone, JavaCodeGeeks).