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#46 - 07.06.2018

#46 From IT developer to CEO

Lecturer: Bogusz Pękalski

During the # 46 meeting of IT Akademia j-labs, Bogusz Pękalski will talk about his path to an innovative startup.

  • How to become the CEO of an innovative startup from a full-time programmer?
  • How to check your idea and get the first customers?
  • What is the advantage of programmers when starting a business?How to smoothly and risk-free transition from full-time to your own company?
  • How to use the cloud and new technologies in the hardened insurance industry?
  • What architecture did we use in the Policy in the Cloud?

Bogusz Pękalski

Co-founder and CEO at Polisa w Chmura, .NET developer, traveler, sailor, guitarist, husband and father. He has always been associated with the IT industry. He wrote his first programs at the age of 9 on a Commodore 64. He records a podcast and blogs under the brand.

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