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#47 - 16.10.2018

#47 Passwords: do you keep them safe

Lecturer: Piotr Przybył

Some people think that the recipe for secure passwords in the [web] application is simple: mix it up a bit, sometimes season it with salt and it’s ready! Meanwhile, storing passwords and other sensitive data may take a bit more effort. A handful of examples of what not to do and what to do, sprinkled with freelance stories. Absolute use is not required, but avoids the usual indigestion and excess acid. The presented examples will be written in Java, PHP and C, so any programmer will understand them, regardless of language and level of experience. As part of the extended edition, we will migrate the run-down base and release a few benchmarks.

Piotr Przybył

Notorious engineer at work and beyond, following the meanders of the art of programming. Professionally, Remote Freelance Software Gardener, for several years pulling weeds in web gardens and usually cutting Java to the shapes desired by customers. A lover of lightness and agility, which should be manifested primarily in the use of the right tools. Lead developer, trainer, Speaker at JDD, GeeCON, DevoxxPL, 4Developers and others.

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