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#64 - 16.12.2020

#64 Typescript from a less known side

Lecturer: Marek Szkudelski

Typescript is getting more popular in the Javascript ecosystem, so there is a bigger need for knowledge on this topic. In this presentation, we would like to show some parts of this programming language that may be less known by most Frontend Developers, but also expand their knowledge of topics that they may know. We will try to show the practical applications of this knowledge through live coding during the lectures. Some of the topics that will be discussed are: never and any type, building custom Mapped Types, Generic Constraints, Discriminated Unions.

Marek Szkudelski

Marek has been interested in programming for many years and has been a Frontend Developer for four years. From the beginning of his career, he dealt with Angular, implemented smaller and larger business applications. After some time, he began to broaden his horizons by learning more frontend and backend technologies. He also co-creates the blog to share knowledge and experience.