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#66 - 24.02.2021

#66 My understanding of DDD & Clean Architecture on the example of The Three Little Pigs

Lecturer: Mateusz Chrzonstowski

DDD and Clean Architecture are nothing new. There are plenty of learning materials on the topic. Books, online courses, conference talks to name a few…

However, sometimes I had problems understanding the example domain, presented in the material. That’s why I decided to go with my own example with a well-known domain. Domain I’m able to explain to my three-year-old son.

Let’s check “The Three Little Pigs” fairy tale built with DDD and Clean Architecture.

Mateusz Chrzonstowski

"I help achieve better results by developing software and sharing knowledge about how to program. I combine an engineering look with a smile and the perception of the human element in the software.Initially focused on the front-end, recent years in the field of systems integration, but in fact a software engineer and full-stack developer. I have been earning my living with code since 2013. Additionally, I teach this to others by doing classroom training and producing courses on Udemy.I perform at meetups, fairs, and conferences.Apart from programming and sharing knowledge, I am also passionate about MMA, Dragon Ball, and the strategies of big companies."