Warsaw, 01.02

Kafka Streams vs Spark Structured Streaming - when, where and how to use it

Kafka Streams and Spark Structured Streaming (aka Spark Streams) are two relatively young solutions for processing data streams. Both are architecturally very similar and choosing the right one may not be trivial. Unless ... you show up at the presentation and learn when, where, and how to use them. During the presentation, I will present their features that will allow you to choose the most appropriate problems and production environment for a given class. In addition to a small number of slides, you will see a lot of Scala source code and Apache Kafka as a storage location.

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Jacek Laskowski

Jacek Laskowski is an independent consultant, developer, and technical instructor who deals exclusively with Apache Spark, Apache Kafka, and Kafka Streams. Active in the world of StackOverflow, meetups, Twitter, GitHub, and Quor. Best known for his books on Apache Spark (with separate publications for Spark Core, Spark SQL, and Spark Structured Streaming), Apache Kafka, and Kafka Streams.